Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Overabundance of Logging Frameworks

An interesting question in a tweet caught my eye, and I thought I would attempt to provide an answer. To paraphrase, why are there so many logging frameworks for .NET, especially when there are perfectly capable facilities built-in?

Ill start off by saying that I think there are probably more logging frameworks than are necessary, simply because some have come along more recently which add very little value to what already exists. However, the simple fact is that not every logging solution is going to feel right for everyone. People have very different needs--and different values.

Different values?

Yes, such as: flexibility vs. simplicity, or configurability vs. maintainability, etc.

With any tool you choose, typically you'll try to pick one that maximizes the benefits (that are important to you) and minimize the disadvantages.

I happen to think my logging framework maximizes the benefits most people look for in a logging framework, with very little downside. Incidentally, a lot of people agree. Here is just one example.

Watch this short video that demos my logging framework and tell me what you think.

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